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The World Ends With You Preview Night on August 7th!Published on July 24, 2014 @ 06:19 pm Written by Cecily

It’s a rather peculiar time for The World Ends With You community right now. The game’s 7th anniversary is approaching in just a few days, the 7th album including music from the series is set to release in September, and Square Enix’s store and cafe is currently hosting a campaign revolving around it. A lot is happening in just a short period of time, but is that really all there is?

Apparently not. A special event was just announced today via the third episode of Square Enix’s mdRadio, called “Subarashiki Kono Sekai Preview Night” which will be held on August 7th at ARTNIA. Lucky fans who obtain a ticket to the preview night will be able to buy TWEWY merchandise, watch an episode of mdRadio be recorded live, and try out food samples from ARTNIA’s special TWEWY menu as well as Nomu-tetsu Special dishes based on the food Tetsuya Nomura eats often (Nomura warns that the food from his special menu isn’t very “trendy”, but we are all certain it’ll still be delicious!)

Fans will also have the chance to get autographs from special guests including Tetsuya Nomura (character designer), Tatsuya Kando (director) and Ichiro Hazama (producer), check out an original art exhibit for the game before the pieces are auctioned of on the 8th, and everybody who attends will leave the event with a special souvenir to commemorate the event!

To gain admission, you must submit a Direct Message to the merchandise division’s official Twitter account (@ SQEX_MD_GOODS) with “個人情報は記載しないでください” or “Applying for TWEWY Preview Night”. The preview night begins at 5pm and ends at 10pm and only individuals 18 or older are allowed to attend (photo identification required).

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HIM FREE!! The Great Pikachu Outbreak starting August 9th to August 17th

i almost regret that i will not be in japan for this


Translated by Geekpondering (@geekpondering)

Japanese ver. is here



This. This is perfect.



This. This is perfect.


If you ever hate or are embarrassed by the Naruto fandom, just remember it didn’t join in an alliance with One Piece and Bleach and make something embarrassing like SuperWhoLock.

That’s called Shounen Jump

it’s a magazine

it’s literally already… published by the same company…

it comes out every week

and it’s huge



loitering is basically the illegal act of existing while not spending money

isn’t capitalism fun


I feel like when the show is from John’s perspective the audience is really aware of how much he cares and all the little ways he looks out for Sherlock, which is possibly why there was John backlash following S3 as so much of it was from Sherlock’s perspective and Sherlock just doesn’t see those things